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A lot of these cartoons and stories were based off of an old love or just hopeless romantic stories that came off the top of my head. I don’t have any dedication to this tumblr anymore and I don’t have time to make anymore cartoons/write stories. The cartoons and stories will be left up, but there will be no new updates. 

With that being said, we had a great run. Thanks for all the support. 

-Comic Story


I just messed up my whole story. Lmfao. I didn’t know I already wrote a part 4…

SOOO.. let’s put it up for vote!

Would you rather want to continue the OLD part 4 or this NEW part 4?

Story Time 3: P4.

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"Could this song be about me?" Leah thought to herself. "hmm I don’t want to ask him though, because that would make everything all awkward."

She started to do her homework listening to all the tracks on the CD. By the time she was done, she practically memorized most of lyrics and could sing along here and there. 

"I love his voice.." She thought as she put away her books.

All of the sudden her phone rings. It’s Devon. 

"Hello." she answers.
"Hey baby. Sorry I couldn’t take you. I was busy."
"You’re a jerk. What was so important that I had to walk home?" 
"Don’t worry about it." Devon says.

It was always like this. He never really told her everything and kept things to himself. Every time she questioned him, he’d say that she’s being naggy or jealous. Some way or another, he’d switch it around to make her look like the bad person. What’s worse was that she fell for it. She didn’t know how to stick up for herself, because she didn’t want to lose him. 

"Anyway" Devon continued. "You trying to hang out tonight or what?"
"It’s a school night, so I’d have to be home early if I do go out."
"All right. So I’ll scoop you up in like 30?"

"Finally!" Leah thought to herself. "I get one on one time with him. We’ve been over due for a date." She got ready quickly, because she was so excited.

She later gets a text that he’s outside. She says good-bye to her parents to let them know she’s heading out and they tell her to be home by 10:30. She nods and goes out to the car. 

To her surprise Stan was in the car with Devon.
"C’mon! let’s go!" Devon yells out the window.
They make Leah sit in the back seat and Devon doesn’t even give her a hug or a kiss.
"Damn yo, there’s going to be mad females at this party. I’m about to get my dick wet!" laughs Stan.
Devon laughs and responds, “Hopefully me too” as he looks back at Leah and winks at her.

They get to the party and everyone is drinking. Leah felt really uncomfortable around all these people she didn’t know and didn’t want to stay. She looked at Devon and sees him giving handshakes to a lot of people, so she knew if she told Devon she wanted to leave he’d get mad. She sat on the couch while he started playing beer pong. He sucked, but he acted like he was so good and complained about how the table was crooked when it wasn’t. Leah played on her phone and hours went by slowly for her. She looked up at Devon and she could tell he wasn’t ready to leave, but it was 10 and they needed to start heading back if she wanted to make it back by her curfew. 

"Babe." She called Devon, but he ignored her. ‘Babe!" she said again louder, but he waved her off "DEVON!" she said as she got up and walked toward him. "I need to get home. It’s already 10."
"What.. already!? The party just started! Come on, let’s just stay a little longer" He told her.
"Really.. I have 30 minute till curfew. Let’s go."
"Oh.. I see what you mean. You want to leave early so we can.." Devon turns back around and give his homies high fives, because he thinks he’s about to get some.
"What?! ugh. Come on."
"hahaha all right.. let’s go!" He says as he grabs her from behind and pushes his crotch against her back end. 
"What the fuck..Calm down. I just want to go home" she says and she takes his hands off her waist. 
"What baby?! I’m just trying to have fun!" he laughs as they’re about to go out the door.
"DEVON!" You’re not leaving yet are you??" says Cathy as she stops him.
Devon looks at Leah and tells her, “Wait for me at the car. I’ll be there in a sec.”
She rolls her eyes and proceeds to walk to his car by herself.

15 minutes pass and she calls Devon’s cell but he doesn’t pick up. She goes back into the house to look for him and doesn’t see him, but sees Stan. 

"Stan! Have you seen Devon?!" Leah asks.
"Nah.." he says smiling and walks away.
"Devon? That cute guy right?!" some girl says. "Yeah. I think I saw him go upstairs with Cathy." 
Leah’s face turns to disgust as she walks up stairs. She opens one of the doors and she sees Devon and Cathy. They don’t even notice she came in while she finds them on the bed making out. She slams the door with tears in her eyes and runs downstairs and out of the house. 

"Ugh! I’m so fucking stupid! I can’t believe I fell for that jerk!" She cries as she pulls out her phone to call someone for a ride home. The first person she calls is Bryce. 

Bryce’s phone rings, but he’s in the shower and doesn’t hear it. Her call goes to his voicemail and she hangs up.

"dammit… Bryce. I need you. I fucked up." she says to herself as she calls him again. 

His phone rings again and someone picks up. ”Hello?” 

Leah’s jaw drops. A female answered his phone. 

(End of part 4)


Anonymous asked: can you please finish story 3?! i just discovered your blog and i really want to know what happens with Leah and Bryce!

Lol, I honestly forgot what I wrote, I’ll have to re read it and come up with something. I’m extremely busy though. Right after I draw this comic I came up with i’ll write it.

Drawing something this week. I don’t know what yet, but I shall do something because people have been leaving me messages to come back. 

So, here I am and I shall deliver. -ComicStory


Anonymous asked: pinagmulan ng daigdig ng tao.

I don’t know what this means. Help? 

Long Distance: Photoshopped Kisses.

Long Distance: Photoshopped Kisses.


.. so I just realized i forgot someone. I’ll have to make it up to you with a new years comic. But special shout out to thesarawrsz.


nessazly-deactivated20140120 asked: i love your story time stories, i was here reading the whole first two stories because i didn't know you had them and i already read your 3rd story. you are really good at this and hurry up and finish story time 3 already!

Thank you so much. I’m glad you like them.

I’ve been so busy, caught up with so much stuff to do that I barely have time for my significant other. I can’t promise you I’ll write another part by christmas, but I’ll try. 

To be honest, story time 3 is quite boring to me. LOL. I want to throw it out, or make the story so much shorter than the other ones. Not sure, but we’ll see. I haven’t even had time to make new comics. We’ll see though. Thanks again. =]